Can you shout a bit louder God? – I can’t hear you!

Can you shout a bit louder God? – I can’t hear you!

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We live in a day of hustle and bustle, where noise and a never ending stream of things clamor for our attention.

If it’s not the home phone it’s the mobile phone. If it’s not an email, it’s a text and then there is Facebook to update…

If it’s not my husband or my wife, it’s the kids or the pets. The house needs cleaning and the car needs fixing.

My boss wants more and my church leader wants even more!

For every person in our church who says ‘God told me’ or ‘I felt God say’, there will be someone else who say to me ‘God doesn’t speak to me’ or ‘I don’t hear God like they do’.

Has God stopped speaking? Is He just too busy with the bigger issues of this world to bother with my pithy issues and problems? Have I gone deaf?

For Adam communicating with God was like a walk in the park (or at least a walk in the garden!), but once sin entered the whole issue of communication with God became much more difficult.

In the Old Testament we read of the mediators: the priests and prophets who God used to communicate with His people, but it is clear all the way through the scriptures that God is wanting to break out of that box. He desires personal relationship with each one of us individually. He sent His Son to die to achieve this, as we will all celebrate in a few weeks’ time.

Easter for me is the biggest reminder of how much God desires to communicate with us as He demonstrates with the sacrifice of His Son to deal with the separation of sin. And yet we so often take lightly the access achieved in that death: access to God’s throne to speak with Him and to hear His voice speak back.

All too often in these busy times it is God who is doing the waiting, not us, waiting for us to STOP and LISTEN. But we don’t!

Yes, I know there are other reasons we don’t always hear from God… sin has hid His face from us so that we cannot hear says Isaiah 59 v 1. The sin of unforgiveness or offence often dull our spiritual hearing or even cause us to turn our face away from Him rather than face up to the issue!

But by far today the main reason we don’t hear from God is that we don’t take the time to read our bibles and give Him the chance to speak to us in the most common way God speaks today.

Bill Hybells wrote a book The Power of a Whisper in which he says he is where he is today and has achieved all he has by listening to the whispers of God

But to hear a whisper we need to be quiet and we need to be in a quiet place.

Oh hang on a minute there’s the doorbell going!

Anyway… back to the task in hand!

If we want to hear God we need to begin to create times and atmospheres that allow Him to break into our busy, noisy lives.

We need to work at the habit of reading our Bibles in a listening attitude. If we spend as much time trying to develop this good habit as we do trying to give up our bad habits, maybe we might begin to hear that still small voice again.

We see in the Bible and in other people’s lives the great things that happen when God speaks and we listen, so why would we not want to take the time to listen?


The words of an old hymn come to mind

Have you any room for Jesus,

He who bore your load of sin?………..



Room for Jesus, King of Glory!

Hasten now His Word obey;

Swing the heart’s door widely open,

Bid Him enter while you may.


Room for pleasure, room for business,

But for Christ the Crucified…….?


I used to think when we sang that hymn that it was all about non-Christians who didn’t want to know God. Some of the words do indicate that but nowadays I tend to think it’s more about Christians who like me have got their priorities all wrong and are driven by the wrong demands of life.

Oh dear, I need to go, there’s my iPhone again and I still haven’t updated Facebook today!

Be still and know that I am God.


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