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10 Reasons to Consider KST

10 Reasons to Consider KST

Massapequa Park By on May 6, 2014 in Blog |

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Have you seen our student blog posts and wondered whether KST is for you? Prospective students are welcome to visit us for free to see KST in action (see taster days), but if you’re unable to make it, the following is for you…

We asked our current students to review a recent teaching weekend and asked them:


buy cheap prednisone “What was the highlight of your weekend at KST?

Here is a selection of their replies:

1. “The sense of community on the course”.

2. “Having time to worship and pray together”.

3. “The teaching and fellowship time with others”.

4. “Finding out that things in my life have been used by God even if I did not know at the time, and that I am part of something bigger than a local church – God’s kingdom”.

5. “The spontaneous sharing of communion during the lectures”.

6. (From a 2nd year student) “Realising how far I had come since this time last year. Meeting up with friends”.

7. “Studying soteriology with Steve Jones – it raised lots of things to chew over. He helped me to reflect on the nature and content of mission in a new way”.

8. “Great teaching, but also loved the way we all passionately engaged in conversation about our last assignment over coffee, then over lunch and even in our free time. It is a privilege to be part of KST”.

9. “Really good to have time and space to catch up with people. I didn’t know much about the book of Revelation, but Steve Thomas took the fear of the unknown out of it”.

10. “The topics all came together more than I expected them to and left me with a fresh sense of how awesome God is (in the real sense!) and challenged me to re-prioritise my own worship of Him and rethink my approach to the great commission”.
KST offers a fantastic learning environment, which is about more than just accumulating knowledge. Our courses are truly transformational – helping you grow in Christ as you apply your heart and mind to study. If you are interested in studying with us please contact kst@saltlight.org

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