We aim to foster an environment of strong student support, through time with tutors, local mentoring and an on-hand KST team. Whatever level of theological understanding you have, we will provide opportunity to take your understanding deeper.

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KST has been designed to be accessible for busy people. Studies can fit with your lifestyle, career, and church commitments. We aim to keep prices low, and we provide a variety of teaching methods to suit different learners.


We believe that theology is best done in the context of worship. This is reflected in our times together, with times of praise, reflection and contemplation built into the programme.


This course aims to equip you to think with more clarity. We will unashamedly challenge some cherished views, so that at the very least you understand why others hold a different view to you. As you open yourself up to study we anticipate that your views will be challenged and enlarged.


In order to help you fully digest materials and research topics for yourself, your learning will be monitored by assignments and followed up in mentoring meetings. We hope to provide an environment where you can apply your learning to your life and share this experience with others.


KST wants to train you to apply theology to the whole of life, helped by the fact that you can keep up work, family, social and church commitments alongside the programme. Our tutors are all experienced ‘practitioners’ who have seen theology lived out over the years.