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Theology for Everyone!

King’s School of Theology offers flexible part-time courses in theology that equip people for all of life, church, work and ministry. We have nearly 40 years’ experience in serving the local church through providing high quality education.

Our tutors are experienced practitioners and theologians, and our approachable staff are able to support all students to succeed, whatever age, educational background and church experience. This provides a dynamic, accessible student community, who together create a learning community that learns with each other and learns from each other. Theory, practice and worship are interwoven together leading students into a deeper relationship with God. What’s more, it is an affordable investment for people. It really is theology for everyone!


Our courses are aimed at those who want to deepen their Christian faith through study, lead with more depth, think with more clarity, serve with greater purpose, and know more of God. Courses last for three years and combine five teaching weekends per year, local mentoring and personal study facilitated through an online forum. KST is offered in a hybrid mode with a combination of in-person and online modules. KST is an affordable option for those who want to grow in their Christian faith through study.


We aim to create a supportive, accessible, worshipful, challenging, applied and equipping environment which will enable students to fully engage with the programme and be transformed as a result. For more information on how we do this see Darmstadt this page.

As a member of the Evangelical Alliance, we subscribe to the “basis of faith” found here.


For an introduction to KST from our Principal, check out this video