Exploring the Bible

Lenses to help you see Scripture more clearly


Course Introduction

Christians generally believe that the Bible is an important resource for growing in faith. But, if we’re honest, we sometimes struggle with it.

  • Perhaps you find reading the Bible difficult or dull.
  • Maybe you struggle with confidence or aren’t sure you know how to read it properly.
  • Maybe you find God in some parts of the Bible but not all of it?
  • Maybe you don’t expect to learn anything from the Bible at all?

This short course, ideal for small groups, is a bit like a scriptural optician’s appointment. Over a series of six weeks you will have the chance to look at various passages of the Bible through a variety ‘lenses’, to see if they help you understand things better. The sessions will help you to recognise things like the subject, audience, context, genre, and other literary aspects of a text and appreciate how these can shape the meaning and deepen what you can learn.

If you are up for hearing some interesting ideas and engaging in some rich discussions about the Bible then sign up and see how these lenses can help you see scripture more clearly.

Who Is This Course For

This course is for any Christians who want to go deeper in their understanding of the Bible. It’s suitable for new believers and those who have been Christians a long time. It’s best taken in a group, as there are elements to continue practising together afterwards. We particularly recommend it for church small groups.

“This course was rich, thought provoking, and immediately applicable. The concept of ‘lenses’ through which to look at the Bible was both simple and profound. The style was relaxed, engaging, challenging and fun. I have no hesitation recommending the course for small groups, churches and leaders”.

Alex, course participant autumn 2022

Course Details

Course duration:6 sessions
Course dates:Tuesday evenings – 5 Sept – 10 Oct 2023
Time:19:30 – 21:00 BST
Location:Online, Zoom
Cost:Varies depending on your group size. See below.
Cost includes access to interactive participant-only website for additional resources

Group Rates

This course is designed for pairs, triplets and bigger groups. It makes sense to read Scripture together! So discounts are available for groups.

And to further enable groups to sign up together, we are pleased to offer a generous subsidy: all places have received a 33% discount on our normal Short Course prices.

  • Book for five+ people get 50% off – £29.75 each
  • Book for four people get 40% off – £35.70 each
  • Book for three people get 30% off – £41.65 each
  • Book for two people get 20% off the full price – £47.60 each

Please note: when booking in a group, each participant should complete the booking form separately.

If you would like to book onto this course as an individual you are still very welcome. The cost is £59.50 per person.

About the Tutor

Michael Wadsworth has an MA in Theology and works for the Methodist Church helping promote and support the development of Biblical Literacy. He is part of KST’s Theology and Biblical Studies team and has taught on a variety of modules, including Genesis, Revelation, Romans, Wisdom Literature, and The Work of Jesus. He is passionate about enabling people read the Bible with greater confidence and expectancy and has a particular soft spot for Paul who he thinks sometimes gets an unfairly bad rap. Based in Derby, he is married to Naomi and worships as part of The Source. In his spare time he enjoys good food, good drink and good board games with friends, supports LFC and blogs at

Payment References

When making an online payment for this course, please use the following code with the attendee’s surname: SC23EB2-surname

Terms and Conditions

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