New Testament Greek Language Stage 1 | A KST Short Course

Course Introduction

This Introductory New Testament Greek course will focus on getting you grappling with the Greek text of the New Testament right from the first session. The focus will be on reading the text, rather than becoming expert on some of the more technical aspects. 

Over the twelve weeks of the course we will work through a passage of John’s Gospel together, picking out the aspects we are learning as we go and considering what they mean for our understanding of the text. We will learn vocabulary and grammar in the context of the text of Scripture, rather than in isolation. This will enable us to apply what we learn immediately. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Pick out commonly-occurring Greek words in the New Testament
  • Identify basic aspects of grammar and what they mean
  • Use what you have learned to make good use of Greek grammars and lexicons, and understand some of the more technical commentaries.
  • Make good use of software tools and interlinear texts
  • Read and begin to understand other passages in the New Testament, with the help of lexicons.

This course will enable you to read some of the easier New Testament passages and give you a good foundation to pursue Greek studies further if you wish to. It won’t equip you to read all of the New Testament in Greek. It will cover most of the elements normally covered in a first-year seminary course in Greek, without going into the same level of depth on more technical aspects.

Course Requirements

To benefit fully from the course, you will need to do some homework which will require 1-2 hours each week for a short task, and 10 minutes a day to learn vocabulary and patterns of word endings. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to learning some of these aspects off by heart. The amount of homework needed will vary depending on a range of factors, but we will work with you to ensure you are able to keep up with the class if you are finding it difficult.

Learning Greek requires us to understand some of the rudiments of grammar. We will therefore engage with some aspects of English grammar on the course, and will supply some information beforehand for you to work through if you are not already familiar with this.

There will also be some pre-work, which will include learning the Greek alphabet and being aware of some grammatical terms, and we will supply the materials to help you with this.

Who This Course Is For

This course is aimed at people who have not studied Greek before, but will also be suitable for students who have previously studied New Testament Greek, but have forgotten it! If you have previously studied classical Greek, you would also benefit from the course.

Course Details

Course duration:12 sessions
Course dates:06 September – 29 November 2023 [no session 25 October]
Time:19:30 – 21:00 GMT
Location:Online, Zoom
Cost:£180, including resources and access to interactive participant-only website
Fees may be paid by monthly installment, over a maximum of 3 months.


All learning materials will be supplied, so you will not need to buy a text book. We will recommend some appropriate resources if you would like to buy a fuller Greek grammar or lexicon. We will also recommend free online Greek texts and resources, so there will be no need to purchase further resources unless you wish to do so.


There is a 20% discount for those in receipt of universal credit, disability living allowance or who are full time students – see Terms and Conditions.

Group discounts are also available:

  • Book for two people get 10% off each – £162 each
  • Book for three people get 20% off – £144 each
  • Book for four people get 30% off – £126 each

If booking in a group, each participant should complete the booking form separately.

Only one discount may apply per booking.

“This course was very enjoyable. I looked forward to each week! I got a good understanding of how the language worked and can take my own learning on from here”

– course participant, Dec 2022

About the Tutor

A former IT consultant, Greg holds a post-graduate Diploma in Christian Studies at Regent College, Vancouver and a post-graduate Diploma in Applied Theology from Moorlands College. He recently retired as Pastor of Community Church Tadley and is also a trained Civil and Commercial Mediator. His interests include Biblical Theology, Apologetics, Biblical languages, and the interface of theology and culture. An ‘all-rounder’ within the KST team, Greg lectures on the Bible, Reformation and post-Reformation history, and the Theology and Christian Spirituality Track.

Payment References

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Terms and Conditions

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