“It’s All Greek to Me”

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Course Overview

New Testament tutor Greg Whittick will guide you through the basics of using Greek in this 3 week course. Learn how to best use Bible software and commentaries, avoiding common pitfalls.

Please note: this is not a course that will teach you to read Greek (our New Testament Greek 1 course will do that), but it will help you to understand scholarly discussions around the use of New Testament Greek, and will enhance your personal Bible study and preaching.

Recommended as an introductory course before taking New Testament Greek 1.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to…

  • Understand the way that word endings change in Greek (morphology) and how this differs from English.
  • Understand discussions in Bible commentaries relating to case, mood, voice and tense or aspect.
  • Find the Greek word used in a Bible passage from the free online StepBible software ( and interpret the information it provides about individual words.
  • Be able to look up a word in a lexicon (Greek dictionary) and understand some of the nuances of the way lexicons present information.


You will benefit most from this course if you are familiar with the Greek alphabet, but this is not essential.

Course Details

Course duration: 3 sessions
Course dates: Tuesday evenings 8 – 22 March 2022
Time: 19:30 – 21:00 GMT
Location: Online, Zoom
Cost: £45, including resources and access to interactive participant-only website

About the Tutor – Greg Whittick

A former IT consultant, Greg holds a post-graduate Diploma in Christian Studies at Regent College, Vancouver and a post-graduate Diploma in Applied Theology from Moorlands College. He recently retired as Pastor of Community Church Tadley and is also a trained Civil and Commercial Mediator. His interests include Biblical Theology, Apologetics, Biblical languages, and the interface of theology and culture. An ‘all-rounder’ within the KST team, Greg lectures on the Bible, Reformation and post-Reformation history, and the Theology and Christian Spirituality Track.

Terms and Conditions

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[Title image by Yusuf Dundar at Unsplash]