Challenges to Faith

The Problem of Evil and Violence in the Bible


Course Introduction

The problem of evil and suffering is a huge obstacle to faith. Many people are also disturbed by the violence and bloodshed that seems to be commanded by God in the Bible. This course delves deep into these challenges, exploring how Christians have tackled them throughout the centuries and looking in detail at key Bible passages. You will not only be equipped to respond to these questions when they arise, but will find your own faith transformed and deepened by engaging with them.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Help other people avoid common misunderstandings about violence in the Bible.
  2. Make constructive and pastoral use of seemingly difficult Bible passages involving violence.
  3. Identify and explain the presuppositions behind seeing evil as a problem for faith.
  4. Talk with pastoral wisdom about suffering in the Christian life.

Course Details

Course duration: 6 sessions
Course dates: Dates for this course are yet to be confirmed. Please use the booking form to register your interest.
Time: TBC
Location: Online, Zoom
Cost: £90, including resources and access to interactive participant-only website

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About the Tutor

Barnabas is a Junior Research Fellow at Oxford University. He is passionate about making theology speak meaningfully to the practical challenges facing Christians today. He grew up in in Basingstoke, and later helped plant Community Church Harlesden in London where he continues to preach every few months. He lives in Oxford with his wife, Silvianne, and daughter, Estelle. At KST he is a member of the Theology and Biblical Studies Track team and teaches on hermeneutics, the doctrine of God, Proverbs and Romans. He hosts a podcast called Faith at the Frontiers.

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